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Therapeutic Ancient Massage

Now taking bookings and currently using PPE. 

To have a healing experience that reaches your inner core and resets your equilibrium is a perfect reason to have a Therapeutic Ancient Massage. This is an emotional and physical healing system that helps you feel better and allows your body to truly be what it wants it to be, from head to toe.

All our experiences, especially the powerful, emotional ones, are filed within your body. Absorbing stress or physical and emotional pain, can become trapped. Where does it go?

The Therapeutic Ancient Massage system helps reconnect your mind and body with your spirit. It is a sought after therapy dating back thousands of years, and for good reason. It works on every joint, muscle and meridian with a flow that is perfect for the human body to release any blocked physical or emotional stress and let go,  allowing the energy lines to work free throughout the whole body.

As a certified Pilates instructor and Ancient Massage Therapist of 10 years combined. I use my knowledge of both therapies during the treatment. Such as addressing the clients postural alignment and understanding of their strength, health and physical ability. With the technique of massage, gentle assisted fluid movement and acupressure work, many of my clients prefer to book a monthly Therapeutic Massage instead of attending an exercise class. Which is why the massage is sometimes known as ‘yoga for the lazy man’.

I am based in my therapy room in Cirencester. Massages are booked from Monday to Thursday daytime hours, or Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I also book clients in for one Saturday every month. I treat women only.

A Therapeutic Ancient Massage session takes 2 hours.

As well as working with the clients shoulders, back, hips and legs, the 2 hour session includes massaging feet, arms, hands, head, neck and face points.

Price – £95

Clients can request a shorter 1 hour Therapeutic Ancient Massage session. Price- £50

For clients who pre-book regular monthly or 6 weekly massage bookings. Price reduces to £45 per session and £90 per 2 hour session.

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Massage Therapy is used to improve different health problems which include:

  • Postural dysfunction & Muscular Chronic pain
  • Shoulder & Back Pain
  • Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia
  • Back & Hip Pain or Inflammation
  • Joint Pain
  • Neck soreness
  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Strains of tendons and muscles
  • Tiredness, Exhaustion & Rebalancing Energy Systems


What clients thought about Kate’s Massage Therapy..

“THANK YOU for the Massages and all the help that you gave me. I am now into week 11 of being steroid free and cannot believe how well I feel…have not felt this good for years….my new GP thinks my Polymyalgia was linked to stress building up over the years. If I need a massage again I will certainly be intouch. But again, thank you!” Rosemary

I see Kate for a Massage once every month. It is my healing MOT, stretching session (better than any exercise) and my treat all in one session. Before I discovered Kate’s Massage Therapy, I felt achey, creaky, unflexable, backachey and old. Now her massages are part of my life, I feel young again”! Clare

“I have daily pain in my muscles and joints due to suffering with Fibromyalgia. When I met Kate for a Massage Therapy session she put me completely at ease with her knowledge and sympathetic approach. She massaged and stretched me gently to only my body’s ability. By the end of the Massage Therapy session I was completely amazed with how much my mobility had improved. After the massage I felt less pain and much looser. I still have pain but by seeing Kate once a month for a massage it is much more manageable, with my medications now reduced.” Anna

“I almost thought that I would have to live with back, shoulder and muscle pain for the rest of my life. One day I had a Massage Therapy session with Kate and found that the tightness disappeared over a couple of days and stayed that way. I was really amazed by it. I now intend to book regular Massage sessions with Kate, so I can keep future muscle pain at bay.” Nina