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Below are some recent testimonials from clients either attending the private pilates classes, mixed classes, or therapy sessions.

Thank you for your Pilates classes they have been so good and I have really benefited from your instruction. Your classes are so well planned and I like your use of equipment and the way you explain the benefits of each movement. I will certainly recommend both your Pilates classes and your Thai Massage.  Approved Pilates Client – C W

Before I started my private 1:1 Pilates with Kate, I was having a lot of problems with my back. The nature of the job I do for a living involves a lot of lifting and pulling (nursing). On the 1st session, Kate identified which muscles have been overused and which muscles need strengthening. I’ve been having 1:1 sessions with Kate for almost 3 years and Kate corrected my body posture to maximize my movements to the full extent. There are so many advantages of having private 1:1 sessions. Pilates can be very therapeutic, but there is only a very thin line between doing it right and doing it wrong. I benefited from private 1:1’s by getting full attention from Kate and if anything needs correcting it is done, as well as having tailor made exercises according to my requirements.
Approved Pilates Client – N. M

Kate’s classes are fantastic, and the reason I say that is because every week, whilst the fundamental movements are the same, we use a different piece of equipment each week which really keeps it fresh and interesting.  I have never been very good at sticking to things but I knew this class was for me when my husband pointed out that even on a week off, I still wanted to attend my class! If you are in any doubt about this class please don’t be, they are worthwhile, different and if you suffer from any type of pain, they really work!
Approved Pilates Client – Lisa N

I was 12 weeks away from cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats when I injured my achilles on a long ride. After 3 weeks of rest I decided I needed to give my body a better chance of making the 1000 miles in one piece, so I went to see Kate for a 1:1 assessment. I then went along for a 6 week Pilates course but realised I didn’t have much time to make a difference. So I decided I would commit to doing just 5 minutes of Pilates every single day. It doesn’t sound much, but it got me into a habit that I kept up until day 1 of the ride. I learnt how to stretch the parts of me that would be under the most strain on the ride, ie my legs. I also learnt a new life skill – Pilates, which I hope to continue long into my old age. Kate’s classes were always fun and I never considered going to them a chore, even though I had to cycle in rush hour traffic to get there.
Approved Pilates Client – Alan A

A few months after a hip replacement, a friend suggested Pilates as a way of getting back to fitness. With trepidation I went for my first session. The class was very friendly and Kate is very patient and encouraging. Taking things at my speed, the results have been amazing, my mobility and core strength have greatly improved, I still have a way to go but each session is so enjoyable. 
Approved Pilates Client – Jeanette N

I regularly attend Kate’s Pilates classes and enjoy the variations which she uses in the class, constantly presenting us with new programmes which bring new challenges. She is always informative and constantly educates us with useful tips about using Pilates in our daily life. The programmes stretch our capabilities but at the same time Kate is mindful of our individual weaknesses. She is friendly, helpful and dedicated to the Pilates programme and she manages to keep the class fun and upbeat.
Approved Pilates Client – Kim C

“Happy New Year, and thank you for all the Pilates sessions. I was the only one in my family who got to masters level on the Wii fit! I was a yogamaster!
This is pretty amazing as I am usually the one everybody laughs at when anything physical is being done. So thank you for all your help. xxx”
Approved Pilates Client