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Quoted on a Micheal Moseley documentary the other day, ‘after the age of 35 we’re likely to lose 1% a year of muscle mass unless we actively do regular strengthening exercises’.

Having more muscle mass can help us in so many ways. It can even help prevent diabetes!

Being strong is great for keeping our balance in check. If we have good balance we’re less likely to fall and injure ourselves. And the recovery rate if we do fall, is so much faster if we have stronger muscles!

Also joint and muscle pain is less of a problem with higher muscle mass, mainly due to the fact that weaker muscles find it harder to support dysfunctional poor postures.

Whereas stronger muscles support and protect the bones, joints and nerves much more efficiently than weaker muscles do.

The human body has groups of muscles that really do like to work together like a well oiled engine. If there’s a set of muscles that become less active, (for example the neck, shoulders and bottom, due to having to sit at a computer all day), then the other muscles (opposing muscles) may over work and get too tight with trying to support the weaker muscles. This becomes a bit of a viscous circle and can cost us in an endless cycle of clinic appointments to try and get us pain free!

But at the end of the day the answer is simple. Find an exercise that addresses strengthening as many different muscle groups as possible and keep it regular! Exercise such as Pilates or other core classes like Yoga and swimming are excellent for this.

A few years ago one of my Pilates training courses covered in depth, the shocking statistics of the age related morbidity from falls due to muscle weakness.

I won’t go into the details, but the good news is this..

The stronger we are, the longer we’re likely to live!


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