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Let’s Now Thrive!

We have only one life, and despite this last year being a difficult year, it is still a special life we have!

Yet I see so many clients and friends not allowing theirselves to truly thrive. In the day of free speech and candidacy it is still surprising how good we are at suppressing physical and emotional pain but then following that through with doing absolutely nothing about it. This last year may have even fuelled that trait of ‘coping’ even more.

Many a client or friend has admitted that they have ‘coped’ with an uncomfortable pain or illness for months/years but hasn’t got around to seeing the doctor or a therapist. Or they’ve seen a doctor, and may have been given a treatment but the issue has still continued. So they’ve just coped some more!

We absolutely deserve to thrive! It’s our bodies we live with! Most people these days understand that emotional stress and physical pain are often linked together. And so, the only way to truly reboot, heal or reset effectively and efficiently, is to the treat body as a whole – systemically.

From the top of the head to the tips of the toes. Allowing joints and the skeletal system to mobilise and re-align, muscles and organs to function the very best way they know how, nerves to settle and relax, and so encouraging that beautiful energy and Chi to flow!

My Therapeutic Ancient Massage is opening for bookings on the 12th April.