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  1. Trust

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    One of the most important parts of any healing journey is learning to trust the process; believing you are going to get better.

    The broken wheel

    Mentally we have all had times where we have pandered to our negative thought processes. We’ve all been subjected to feeling rather down. So much so, we then just roll with it! And before we know it, it has escalated even further. We may even end up feeling thoroughly ill and poorly.

    Sometimes when clients come to me, they might have felt so despondent and caught up in a circle of ill-health that they just can’t find a way to figure a way out. Ours brains go into protection mode, shouting ‘I’M HURTING’ messages down the neural paths to the rest of the body! It needs something, somebody to break that mould. Our brains need to trust again!

    So part of my job as a Massage and Pilates Therapist is to encourage clients to find that trust again.

    That belief that they can absolutely feel better. To truly know that this feeling both physically and emotionally can definitely change for the better!

    Using the following techniques, with my support, many of my clients have found inspiring results.

    The Plan

    So the way forward then, is simple. To think practically and actively.

    • Have a short term plan that you can action on and can reasonably stick to.
    • Record the improvements for means testing and elimination.
    • And most importantly of all completely trust that your plan will work and at the very least, know that you will not feel any worse than when you started.
    • Believe that you are teaching the brain ‘feel better’ signals. The process is almost more important than the results!

    The brain training

    When I say a short term plan, I mean over a few weeks. This is because, quite often, our brains cannot fathom the idea of an infinite plan. First of all we need proof! Because as your short-term plan progresses, you will discover that proof with wonder and revelation!

    When you come to the end of your short-term plan, you then can decide if it is important it is to continue, using the positive evidence that you have recorded during that plan.

    Getting there

    This all takes a tremendous amount of trust, because when we are in the comfort of our despondency, the last thing we want, is somebody telling us that we will be fine. Part of us wants to just wallow some more. And maybe that’s ok  for a while. But eventually we know when enough is enough! And that is when the wheel has finally fallen off!

    All you really need now, is to trust!

  2. Stronger!

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    Quoted on a Micheal Moseley documentary the other day, ‘after the age of 35 we’re likely to lose 1% a year of muscle mass unless we actively do regular strengthening exercises’.

    Having more muscle mass can help us in so many ways. It can even help prevent diabetes!

    Being strong is great for keeping our balance in check. If we have good balance we’re less likely to fall and injure ourselves. And the recovery rate if we do fall, is so much faster if we have stronger muscles!

    Also joint and muscle pain is less of a problem with higher muscle mass, mainly due to the fact that weaker muscles find it harder to support dysfunctional poor postures.

    Whereas stronger muscles support and protect the bones, joints and nerves much more efficiently than weaker muscles do.

    The human body has groups of muscles that really do like to work together like a well oiled engine. If there’s a set of muscles that become less active, (for example the neck, shoulders and bottom, due to having to sit at a computer all day), then the other muscles (opposing muscles) may over work and get too tight with trying to support the weaker muscles. This becomes a bit of a viscous circle and can cost us in an endless cycle of clinic appointments to try and get us pain free!

    But at the end of the day the answer is simple. Find an exercise that addresses strengthening as many different muscle groups as possible and keep it regular! Exercise such as Pilates or other core classes like Yoga and swimming are excellent for this.

    A few years ago one of my Pilates training courses covered in depth, the shocking statistics of the age related morbidity from falls due to muscle weakness.

    I won’t go into the details, but the good news is this..

    The stronger we are, the longer we’re likely to live!


    For more details on my Pilates Wellbeing Classes press this link

  3. How to heal..

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    Over the years I’ve had a couple of chronic illnesses to deal with. (Chronic generally means ongoing). With my own personal experience of this and working as a Pilates Instructor and Yoga-Massage therapist, I have come to learn that there is one very special ingredient that can often help us all heal and it can be incredibly effective alongside conventional treatments.

    It is something that many of us haven’t thought of! And yet we all have this special ingredient available to us. What is it, I hear you ask?

    It is …


    Now this is a loaded word. so let me explain. In this context, it does not mean, avoid asking for help. Always get a diagnosis and see your doctor. But by surrendering, I actually mean, try relaxing into the process of the illness or pain, instead of fighting it and firing up that stress (inflammatory cortisol) around the body by feeling angry or frustrated by your illness. Try working with it!

    If done right, this can be quite a powerful revelation in your journey to healing. You can even try it out for yourself right now to test it!
    Just find yourself a healing meditation or healing hypnotherapy which can be found on free apps, podcasts or online video platforms or specialist therapists and really invest into the idea of relaxation and accepting the process of the healing and just for a moment surrender to your pain or illness.

    Scientifically most illnesses and pain feed off stress within the body and fuel inflammation which can exasperate the illness. And as you know sometimes stress can even cause an illness or pain.

     Now we all like to think we’re not stressed but stress can manifest in many ways. It could be a past trauma, grief, an unsolved worry or as I said earlier, frustration from the illness itself.

    Obviously this is not a cure all. But it has been well documented that relaxation and trusting in your recovery has better rates of healing than if we are stressed.

    Give it a go! What have you got to lose?

    🧘🏼‍♀️ Kate’s Pilates Wellbeing and Meditation Classes are online or Hall based.

    Contact Kate at Approved Pilates for more information.

  4. Let’s Now Thrive!

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    We have only one life, and despite this last year being a difficult year, it is still a special life we have!

    Yet I see so many clients and friends not allowing theirselves to truly thrive. In the day of free speech and candidacy it is still surprising how good we are at suppressing physical and emotional pain but then following that through with doing absolutely nothing about it. This last year may have even fuelled that trait of ‘coping’ even more.

    Many a client or friend has admitted that they have ‘coped’ with an uncomfortable pain or illness for months/years but hasn’t got around to seeing the doctor or a therapist. Or they’ve seen a doctor, and may have been given a treatment but the issue has still continued. So they’ve just coped some more!

    We absolutely deserve to thrive! It’s our bodies we live with! Most people these days understand that emotional stress and physical pain are often linked together. And so, the only way to truly reboot, heal or reset effectively and efficiently, is to the treat body as a whole – systemically.

    From the top of the head to the tips of the toes. Allowing joints and the skeletal system to mobilise and re-align, muscles and organs to function the very best way they know how, nerves to settle and relax, and so encouraging that beautiful energy and Chi to flow!

    My Therapeutic Ancient Massage is opening for bookings on the 12th April.