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  1. Trust

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    One of the most important parts of any healing journey is learning to trust the process; believing you are going to get better.

    The broken wheel

    Mentally we have all had times where we have pandered to our negative thought processes. We’ve all been subjected to feeling rather down. So much so, we then just roll with it! And before we know it, it has escalated even further. We may even end up feeling thoroughly ill and poorly.

    Sometimes when clients come to me, they might have felt so despondent and caught up in a circle of ill-health that they just can’t find a way to figure a way out. Ours brains go into protection mode, shouting ‘I’M HURTING’ messages down the neural paths to the rest of the body! It needs something, somebody to break that mould. Our brains need to trust again!

    So part of my job as a Massage and Pilates Therapist is to encourage clients to find that trust again.

    That belief that they can absolutely feel better. To truly know that this feeling both physically and emotionally can definitely change for the better!

    Using the following techniques, with my support, many of my clients have found inspiring results.

    The Plan

    So the way forward then, is simple. To think practically and actively.

    • Have a short term plan that you can action on and can reasonably stick to.
    • Record the improvements for means testing and elimination.
    • And most importantly of all completely trust that your plan will work and at the very least, know that you will not feel any worse than when you started.
    • Believe that you are teaching the brain ‘feel better’ signals. The process is almost more important than the results!

    The brain training

    When I say a short term plan, I mean over a few weeks. This is because, quite often, our brains cannot fathom the idea of an infinite plan. First of all we need proof! Because as your short-term plan progresses, you will discover that proof with wonder and revelation!

    When you come to the end of your short-term plan, you then can decide if it is important it is to continue, using the positive evidence that you have recorded during that plan.

    Getting there

    This all takes a tremendous amount of trust, because when we are in the comfort of our despondency, the last thing we want, is somebody telling us that we will be fine. Part of us wants to just wallow some more. And maybe that’s ok  for a while. But eventually we know when enough is enough! And that is when the wheel has finally fallen off!

    All you really need now, is to trust!